Digital EU GDPR Training

As you know all companies that are collecting and processing personal data need to fulfill and act according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements by May 25, 2018.


Arcusys and Nixu are collaborating to help your company adapt to the new GDPR requirements. Together we offer an engaging and efficient digital GDPR training that covers new regulatory requirements and allows you to verify that your staff has been trained successfully; avoiding any risks of GDPR violations.


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Does my company need GDPR training?

GDPR is a legislated training and requires modification of the way of working and the actualisation of changes so that the employee understands how to act in the future.


From a performance point of view, companies need to make sure that employees really understand what they are learning. GDPR regulations will be strict and violations will be costly (Fines up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 Million). To secure your company, and be compliant, GDPR training must be engaging in order to be effective.


Personalised content creates an engaging learning experience for employees and provides information crucial to their job. In order to minimise training time, content is segmented into lessons and delegated swiftly to the appropriate person in the appropriate role. The lessons are designed to meet each individual’s learning habits, so they can train on a daily basis whenever and wherever they want.

Ensure learning impact

While training, the digital learning environment collects data from a wide range of online and offline experiences that each person has. Quizzes allow you to quickly assess each user’s understanding of the new material while also tracking learning impact with performance management tools. Ensure training is effective and that your entire organisation understands what they are learning, easily check the learning results with a couple of clicks.


In compliance training, it is essential to engage employees. Enhance the learning experience through gamification, stories, scenario or simulation and by allowing employees to interact, discuss and share content. Challenge your subject-matter experts to create content themselves and reward employees for great learning results. Attract users with these elements so they will be eager and excited to learn more.

Why is our digital GDPR training effective?

Easy solution for GDPR training

Valamis – Learning Experience Platform (LXP) ensures that GDPR training is efficient and scalable. Deliver a personalised learning experience online and offline and monitor performance data to meet your goals.

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